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Vacuum Packaging Pouches -  Polynova  Supplies the Food Processing Markets of Canada, USA

Are you looking for vacuum packaging solutions for your food product? We've been supplying the West Coast and North America with vacuum packaging pouches since 1981. From our manufacturing plant in Richmond, BC, we can supply you with vacuum packaging for almost any type of food applications.

Whether it's for smaller rush orders or larger volumes, we will gladly serve all of your needs.  Our local, in-house capacity provides you with greater flexibility and quicker response time, while our overseas manufacturing capacity will give you the advantage of the scale of economy.

Our custom designed vacuum pouches will ensure the preservation of your seal packaged product in both cold and hot temperatures. These pouches effectively reduce the volume of oxygen and other gases in the package to protect and preserve freshness of food products such as meat, poultry, seafood, cheese and dry foods such as nuts.

In order to ensure sterility and to prevent oxidation, the vacuum pouches can also be used to keep and store other non-food products, such as medical and pharmaceutical items. Our vacuum packaging can be configured to be UV resistant, thus further extending shelf life of your product.