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Three-Side-Seal Pouch by Polynova -  North American Barrier Pouch Manufacturer and Supplier

Three-side-seal pouch packaging is used for a wide range of food and non-food applications. Depending on the requirements of your product we will custom design and engineer your bags.  We are capable of producing three-side-seal from co-ex and laminate polyester and polypropylene film which meets the most demanding requirements. We produce the three-side-seal pouch bags of barrier laminate film, which can be custom configured to have Oxygen, gas, light, UV moisture barrier and punctuation resistance and high thermoforming properties, just to name a few examples.

Typical applications of our side seal barrier pouch bag packaging include dry food such as flat bakery products, snacks; frozen seafood; non-food products such as gels and soaps. For convenience, the three-side-seal pouches can be manufactured with resalable closure system, zip-lock closure.

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If you are interested in our high volume three-side-seal pouch supplies at an affordable price, then our overseas manufacturing capacity can readily assist your business.